Thor 4 Series

The most technologically advanced thermal vision smart scope is back, and now more improved than ever before. With new developments in dual core thermal sensor technology ATN is proud to provide this 4th generation of Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope at incomparable low prices. This new line of thermal scopes combine the classic features that set ATN apart from the competition, with new abilities unique to this line. These scopes combine aspects like recoil activated video, a one shot zero, and ultra-low power consumption, with new tools like a built in laser range finder, dual stream video (record and stream at the same time), and a new ultra-sensitive next generation thermal sensor which lets you view and record at never before seen high resolution. In addition, the ThOR 4 series of thermal scope features a suite of applications like a built in ballistics calculator, and it features recoil resistant components and an expandable MicroSD slot that lets you record up to 256 gigabytes of photo and video on your device, all within the classic ergonomic ThOR series build. 

Record Video

WiFi Dual Stream Video

Ballistic Calculator

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

One Shot Zero

Profile Manager

Smart Range Finder

Dual Core Processor

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Ultra Low Power Consumption (16+hrs Use)

Smooth Zoom

Electronic Compass