X-Sight 4K Pro Series

Building on the success of the X-Sight II HD, we have developed a ground breaking new system surpassing all expectations. We are proud to present a new series of products that delivers a profoundly new experience! The X-Sight 4K Pro Day/Night scope offers an enhanced HD Night Vision Mode, higher resolution and faster optics that allow for a faster image to form on the new HD Display. Our New Ultra-Sensitive 4K Ultra HD Sensor and Duel Core Processor gives you the power to Record Video and simultaneously WiFi Stream to your smart phone! You wanted longer lasting power capabilities? You got it! The X-Sight 4K Pro Series includes a long lasting internal Lithium Ion Battery, allowing for up to 18 hours of power. The X-Sight 4K classic design allows you to use your traditional 30 mm mounting rings, providing enough eye relief to use with any rifle you want. Sighting your scope has never been easier with our One Shot Zero feature. Plus, a slew of other features, you have come to expect from the ATN Smart HD Optics line. The X-Sight 4K Pro Series is the future of optics, and the future is now! <a href="https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-optics" target="_blank" >Smart HD Optics</a>

Ultra HD Sensor

Record Full HD Video with 120fps

Day & Night Modes

WiFi Dual Stream Video

Ballistic Calculator

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

One Shot Zero

Profile Manager

Smart Range Finder

Dual Core Processor

Share on Social Media


Ultra Low Power Consumption (18+hrs Use)

Smooth Zoom

Electronic Compass

<a href="https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-optics" target="_blank" >Smart HD Optics</a>